What We Do

A few years ago a group of planners, architects, and landscape architects met here in Salt Lake with the purpose of organizing a panel discussion on urban design. We understood that urban design as a practice is the convergence of architecture, planning, and landscape architecture that results in the physical shaping of the city. What we quickly realized was that we did not agree on what urban design looks like in our region.

Many of us can point to the Plat of Zion as a major structuring element of our cities, but what of recent urban design practice? What makes our urban design unique to this region? What is “regional urban design” and what does it look like here?

We hope that this provocative question will generate a lively debate – one that contributes to the discourse and one that we can continue at our monthly meetings, online forums, and other local conferences of the AIA, APA, ASLA, and CNU.