Urban Design Utah’s Legacy Awards are presented each spring to three exemplary urban design projects that have lasting importance to the State of Utah in terms of teaching and example.  These Legacy Awards are honorary rather than competitive.  The Awards Committee of Urban Design Utah meets each spring to discuss projects that have been nominated from our membership and others throughout the year. Three Utah projects are selected to represent various urban design products, approaches and successes, from which we hope Utah designers, officials and citizens can take inspiration for future urban design work in the State. 

Legacy Awards 2015

The Plat of Zion in Salt Lake City, Utah

Presented to:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Urban Design Improvements to Center Street

Presented to:  The City of Provo


Urban Design Collaboration at the 9th and 9th Business District

Presented to: The East Liberty Park Community Organization

                        The Merchants Association of 9th & 9th

                        The City of Salt Lake City


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Legacy Awards 2016

The Interconnected City Creek Canyon Park System: City Creek Park, Memory Grove, and the Freedom Trail

Presented to:  Salt Lake City


Historic Preservation and Streetscape Improvements to Park City Main Street

Presented to:  Park City


The Legacy Parkway and Trail

Presented to:  The Utah Department of Transportation, and

                         The Sierra Club

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Legacy Awards 2017

Urban Forestry and Historic Preservation on Main Street

Presented to:  Brigham City


Cycling, Street & Public Art Changes to Broadway & 300 South

Presented to:  Salt Lake City


Holladay Village & Plaza

Presented to: Holladay City


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Legacy Awards 2018

Preservation and Streetscape Improvements to 25th Street

Presented to:  The City of Ogden


Town Square Park

Presented to:  The City of St. George


Urban Revitalization at the Downtown Farmer's Market

Presented to: Salt Lake City & The Downtown Alliance


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